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Mental Health Coaching

Coaching is offered for individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression and nervous system dysregulation who are looking for further education, support and accountability in the recovery journey.


Coaching helps provide you with goal-setting, plan development and education of how to implement specific evidence-based practices necessary for healing.


Sessions include support and guidance in following ways:

Responding to negative and intrusive thoughts

Implementing nervous system regulation through movement, body language and breath

Activating faith and trust, widening your view of God's unconditional love and implementing ways to demonstrate this love to yourself

Identifying goals and creating a recovery plan. Engaging in education of evidence-based principles for healing.

OCD Coaching

Our 1:1 OCD coaching differs from our other mental health coaching options due to the complexity of the disorder. We use a variety of effective tools and strategies to help our clients with OCD who are serious about recovery and have not had the results they've hoped for from traditional therapies.  There is a screening process to ensure you are a right fit for coaching. We require a commitment to at least 6 sessions so you can get the most out of your recovery. If you are interested in our OCD coaching, please get in touch with us and we will send you a short application. 

Services offered to teens, adults and older adults     ||     Sessions offered virtually or in person based on location     ||     1:1 and group options available 

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